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50 Acres MOUNT JOY

50 acres MOUNT JOY
Artesian to supply both the water & sewer. Activity in this area for development is ongoing. Property is mostly wooded, with mature trees. The area is rural, but close to everything that the 2nd home buyer or local families desire. No heavy traffic, no night noises from living near downtown. A very beautiful rectangular 50 acre parcel within 20 minutes to the beaches. Water & Sewer update: "In order to provide wastewater service to this property, the property owner would need to fund a sewer force main extension to convey the wastewater from this parcel to our (Artesian's) existing system. This is currently 3 – 4 miles away and likely more than $1M to extend. There is a chance that withing a few years other development projects in the area will lead to sewer and water infrastructure closer to parcel 234-20.00-22.00."